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Web Marketing!  Don’t be the old truck in the field.


In terms of your business marketing being the old truck doesn’t work.  One of the most interesting things we see businesses still doing to this day is clinging on to the old school thought of business advertising, at least the thought of how small business advertising used to work. The funny thing is that almost every business owner realizes that advertising like in the phone book is dead but many are just in denial that the internet and social media is the key to success for local business and national ones too.  Well we think they know the internet is king but still resist to make the change.  


  • It’s too confusing
  • Costs too much
  • Takes time I can’t spare
  • I’m being forced to do it

These are all very good – Excuses!

If this sounds like you here are 5 tips of helpful information.

1.    Don’t settle for anything less than a professional web company.  Unless your nephew is in the business it’s not a good idea and a waste of time to hire part time side project type people.

2.    Find the right website designer and web hosting company by asking around and seeing who other businesses are using.  Once you find the right website design company you can talk to them about how easy the process can be.  You might even find a web design company that has a payment plan or offer website design as a service fee that will let you pay monthly or annually.  This can help reduce your upfront cost.  

3.    Make sure you include SEO (search engine optimization) in your new website build.

4.    Social media and third party review websites.  These cannot be ignored.  Your business should be involved in social media and you must manage all reporting customer review sites regularly.  

5.    Start today! Get your business where is needs to be online right away.  Don’t put it off.  You will be rewarded with more sales, more time serving customers and the confidence that you are up to speed with your business marketing.  Be the old truck as far as nostalgia, well ok, but be the new truck with the performance and security your business advertising must have.


If you would like a free web design consultation please contact today!  We hope that this article has motivated you to keep strong and web on with enthusiasm.



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