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Third Party Website Dance



Customer Knockout

A few days ago a website client contacted us about some new customers calling in and asking where they were located because they had gone to a previous address location only to find that the business was not there.  When the new customers were asked how they got the information about their old business location they said it was found in search results they had seen on the internet.  These business owners were confused and frustrated.  Their business website information was current, so what could possibly be wrong, right?

It’s a very common problem

The scenario above is a common issue local businesses have with their internet marketingThirds party websites (Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, Google, etc.) reporting or publishing incorrect information.  These third party tools can be very helpful to consumers and businesses but if the information is incorrect it can do damage to the business as well.  Potential loss of sales and a bad reputation for your company is not the goal of these sites but can be the result.  The last thing you want a customer to feel is that their time has been wasted trying to do business with you.   We found one instance where a restaurant served lunch for $6.00.  One prominent third party reporting website had this restaurants business listing, which was unclaimed by the restaurant, showing lunch was $20 instead of the $6.00.  Can you imagine how many customers that one mistake may have kept from doing business with that restaurant?

What can you do?

Start searching your business name on the internet.  Investigate who is reporting what about your business and if the information is correct.  This is also a great way to find out about good or potentially bad reviews customers have left on these third party sites so you can manage your businesses online reputation.   Next claim your business with the reporting website.  Any website that is reporting information about your business like your address will have a way for you to claim the business.  This will enable you to make the necessary edits to the business listing.

I don’t have the time or knowledge to get my third party website information corrected

No problem.  Find a professional website marketing company that can help you with your Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, etc. business listings.  Like Red Fuel, these professionals can get the job done quickly and accurately giving your business the edge it needs to market effectively online.  Contact Red Fuel Marketing Co. Inc. today to find out more information.




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