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The Poynt Smart Credit Card Terminal is a future-proof device that accepts magnetic stripe, EMV (also known as chip cards), NFC, Bluetooth and QR code payment technologies. By using Poynt your business will be ready to accept your customers’ favorite payment methods like Apple Pay, chip-and-pin, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Expressand and whatever else the future brings. With great hardware comes great software. You can use Poynt as a mini POS system to keep track of your sales for increased productivity.  Poynt OS will give your business the flexibility and control to use 3rd party applications to save time, make more money, and deliver capabilities that catapult your business into the future.  Call us today and find out if the Poyint credit card machine is right for your business.

All of our card processing terminals are EMV Ready.  What's EMV?

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** The free terminal placement program requires approval and enrollment in a processing account with provider.  Call for full details. 

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